Lessons on Leadership

is a resource for provoking ideas and action while reconciling the two.

by Dr. James Bailey, PHD

Lessons on Leadership

Knits today with tomorrow with yesterday to inform those that lead and those who counsel those that lead.

Lessons on Leadership

is about thought leadership about leading thoughtful leaders.

Feature: Great Leaders & Their Environments

How Darwin answers why the person and the situation require crucial alignment.

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Feature: Why the Heroes?

These are the reasons why the best of the best endure.

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Feature: A Leadership Vector

Why Good and Great Leadership Are Not Related. By Dr. James Bailey.

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Lessons on Leadership, with all of its resources essays and exchange, will provoke new ideas and help you open your perspectives to new possibilities. Read it, spend time reflecting on it, and tell others! 

Richard Boyatzis, Distinguished University Professor

Case Western Reserve University


Learning from Adversity: One Obstacle at a Time

Adversity happens. Our instinct in the workplace when adversity does arrive is to deny its importance, attribute it to a person or event outside of our control, or, even better, to ignore it. Frustration and failure are unavoidable, so the question for us is what can...

The Indispensability Syndrome

Making plans for summer vacation? You’re probably wondering whether you’re too busy to take a week off from work. Maybe you’re thinking that you can, but only if the resort has WiFi. Likely the prospect of being away from the office makes you a bit jittery....

Balance of Business and Law

The following was authored by Julia Zemnick Gill, Winner of the 2015 GWSB Student Leadership Essay Competition Law firms have experienced excruciating growing pains over the past decade. The legal industry is one of the largest and most profitable industries in the...

Why the Heroes?

Heroes have been held out as the best of us throughout recorded history. All cultures commit to profiling and proclaiming them. Their stories are our past, present, and future, told through the protagonist’s lens. We research, record, and relate them for a reason....

The Stress, the Switch, and the Sources of Renewal

Imagine the eighteen months of General Motors CEO Mary Barra’s life. In her short tenure, GM will have recalled more than 30 million automobiles worldwide. Her firm is besieged by allegations of a caustic culture of carelessness, dysfunctional bureaucracy, warped...

The Leadership Vector

The world tends toward continuums.  Hot and cold have warm and cool along the way.  Big and small have all manner of magnitude in the middle.  Even black and white have hues between.  Winter, spring, summer, and fall represent varying points along a gradual scale...

Great Leaders & Their Environments

Is leadership the product of the person or the place? One camp says it’s the force of the individual. Through a combination of genetics and experience, some are leaders. And leaders act upon circumstances, make the market, revolutionize the industry, jump the trend....

Leading the Business of Law Firms

More jokes have been told about lawyers than any other professionals. But the business of law firms is no joke. $250 billion a year in the US, and Washington gets more than its fair share of the bounty. For the last 50 years law firms have done astonishingly well....

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Lessons on Leadership

Lessons on Leadership is a resource for provoking ideas and action while reconciling the two. A platform for essays and exchange by the very best leadership practitioners and scholars in the world, it strives to be current and classic, intellectual and actionable, conceptual and evidentiary. It knits today with tomorrow with yesterday to inform those who lead and those who counsel those who lead.

Dr. James R. Bailey is Professor and Hochberg Fellow of Leadership Development at the George Washington University, He is a key-note speaker, best-selling author, award winning educator, and consultant for the world's most prestigious firms.

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